Oceanic 29 Gallon BioCube – Replacement 36 Watt Lamp


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Maintain healthy inhabitants in your BioCube aquarium system. Proper lighting conditions are vital for the health of such photosynthetic organisms as corals, invertebrates and plants. Since lamp spectrum and intensity decline as bulbs age, compact fluorescent lamps should be replaced yearly to ensure optimum lighting conditions.

Straight pin configuration.

10,000K Daylight – High-intensity purified super daylight
The 10,000K compact fluorescent lamp is a purified super daylight lamp that simulates the high-intensity lumen output of the midday tropical sun. It contains rare-earth color enhancing phosphors to emit sparkling, blue-white rays.

Actinic 03 Blue – 100% blue actinic 03 phosphor that peaks at 420 nanometers
The Actinic 03 Blue provides light in the 420 nanometer range that reflects color pigments in organisms such as corals, fish and invertebrates causing them to fluoresce glowing colors. Its spectrum resembles that of the absorption peak of chlorophyll-a, which is the most important pigment found in plant cells. Replacement compact fluorescent lamps for BioCube Aquarium Systems

  • Coralife compact fluorescent lamps offers reliable aquarium lighting
  • Lamps available for 8, 14, and 29 gallon BioCube Aquarium Systems

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Daylight 10K, Actinic 03


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